IPR Job for Science Graduates : Patent Agent ,The Patkey Show : Episode-8

“THE PATKEY SHOW” is a YouTube episode series for people who have a keen interest in Indian Patent Agent Examination. This show is hosted by Cheshta Sharma and Kirtiman Sharma. Transcript : Kirtiman Hello and Welcome to the Patkey show. And here are today's three questions. Q1. What are the jobs in IPR [...]

Intellectual property jobs for Electronic and Communication Engineer!

What is Intellectual Property Right? Intellectual property is the product of the human intellect including creativity concepts, inventions, industrial models, trademarks, songs, literature, symbols, names, brands,....etc. Intellectual Property Rights do not differ from other property rights. They allow their owner to completely benefit from his/her product which was initially an idea that developed and [...]

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Who is a patent agent?

Patent agent is a person, authorized by law to deal with patent applications. They are engaged in protecting intellectual property and preventing infringement.  Who can be a patent agent?  If you’ve done graduation in science, then you are eligible to write the Patent agent exam. What is Patent Agent exam?  Department of Industrial promotion [...]

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How Electronics Engineer can start with a package of 3 lakhs per annum?

You keep on searching jobs on Internet. From some you get response and you never hear back from others. Don’t you feel irritated, even after so many years of education you don’t have any job to do. You must’ve convinced yourself by now that you will do any job offered to you.  Career cycle [...]

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Rejected in campus placement? Next 5 steps to get a job

You might have been rejected in campus placement or you must have lost a chance to enter your dream company. Now, must be feeling where should I go, what should I do. Obviously, you cannot talk to your parents about this. Friends will think you are loser. What do you do now? Do you [...]

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