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IIPTA’s Fifth Annual Issue of “IP and Business Magazine” is in making. Our Magazine is unique in being first of its kind and aims to build relationship with not only focused IP organizations but also with the common people and make them aware about IP relevance in their life and business. The magazine is published every year targeting both industry needs and educating people about IP. It is distributed worldwide especially in India and US. It includes everything from current news on IP to expert opinion on key developments worldwide, featured articles on the current IP debates and practical advice from IP practitioners.

Our readership of Scientists and organizations engaged in research and development, Patent and Trademark attorneys and firms, Technology licensing officers at Universities Head and Director of SME’s or in-house IP Counsel, Fashion Designers, Artists, Authors , cinematics, Students who wish to develop IP as Career and high-tech executives ,are engaged to our coverage of the cases, latest news , tactics and players – in shaping what is now the fastest-growing practice area in the law.

We are currently inviting IP professionals for interactive interviews for our magazine, sharing their knowledge and comments over the recent issues in the field. We would also appreciate students who stand up for any submissions to our magazine in the form of articles, stories etc.

All of us being IP family should contribute to this effort which is for enhancing interaction in the IP strata. The queries and submissions are invited to the following mail address and contact numbers. We hope to give you an excellent issue this year too…!

IP and Business Magazine
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