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IIPTA Offers MasterclassTraining Programs


This program will guide you to crack the ‘Patent Agent Exam’ with their 13+years of experience in the IP sector, and provide a personalized set of E-Books for preparation.

Jopat Life science

In this program, you can learn more about the biopharma sector and capture career opportunities in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related to drug research and diagnosis.

Jopat Engineer

With the help of this program, you’ll be able to learn about the IPR field and find job prospects in prominent tech companies without having to switch your field of expertise.

Jopat Law

This course will assist you in becoming a successful corporate lawyer without the need for any litigation or judicial examination. Additionally, it will aid in your placement in top IP and law firms.

Complimentary Training Lectures

Here you can attend free training sessions
which will help you to advance in your profession.

People Who Chose To Grow With Us

How an M.Tech. graduate became the saviour of innovation. 

Meet Sayantam Dutta, an M.Tech mechanical engineer who molded his career in intellectual property. He remembered that he had studied IPR.

A biotechnology professional started off her career in patents.

Manjusha, a graduate in biotechnology who was hired by PSP IP in Pune, after completion of her JOPAT Program. After a lot of research and hard work.

Lab researcher found her dream job in the IPR domain.

This is the success story of our alumni, Lakshmi, who completed her M.Sc in Biotechnology from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Finally.

A law graduate who began her corporate career in pandemic.

Apurva graduated during the time of the COVID pandemic and expressed her struggles of not getting a job as there was no vacancy.


Patkey is an exam preparation programme for candidates sitting appearing for the “Patent Agent Exam” (IPO). IIPTA provides everything you need to pass this exam, including specialised strategies for comprehending legal texts, efficient study techniques, and advice for cracking the interview stage. The PATKEY program’s biggest feature is that it was developed by someone who has actually been through the procedure.

  • Latest books for Patent Agent Examination.
  • Live as well as recorded lectures.
  • Special Classes for Patent Drafting.
  • Interactive classes and doubt-clearing session.


JOPAT is a 90-day program in which we instruct applicants on the laws pertaining to patents, trademarks, and copyrights of the jurisdictions such as India and the United States and how they are beneficial to the IPR sector. Likewise, regarding database searches for patents i.e. Google Patents, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the Indian Patent Office (IPO). We assist students in gaining hands-on experience in the domain of IPR.

  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile and resume.
  • Scheduled Job Interviews.
  • Assist you in launching a career in the patent and IP Industry.

Cheshta Sharma

Director, Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark

Meet The Hostess

Meet Cheshta Sharma, Founder and Director of Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark and One of India’s leading teacher in Intellectual Property Rights.

Here is Cheshta Sharma, Co-Founder & Director of Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark (IIPTA).

IIPTA has developed a custom work/study programs by which they train their students in fundamentals of intellectual property and help them identify skills, knowledge and experience gaps of the students. So they can get recruited in MNCs and top IP companies in India.

She is also the director of Mebibit Communications Private Limited and Hustle Co-work.

She has a biotechnology engineering degree and was certified as a patent agent in 2009.

She had since founded her own organization and completed her law degree. In 2010, she got her diploma in intellectual property by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Now, she is a successful entrepreneur and one of the leading teacher of intellectual property in India. Recently, she has completed her Technology Entrepreneurship from prestigious “Harvard Business School”.

Almost 500+ students join IIPTA courses every year and trust them with their time and money. Today, Cheshta is successfully running her organization and completed her 13th year of teaching graduates about intellectual property rights.


There’s no better time to direct and control your career path than right now. Just dive into the boat of IIPTA and let us row your career boat for you. Don’t put your life on hold.