You might have been rejected in campus placement or you must have lost a chance to enter your dream company. Now, must be feeling where should I go, what should I do. Obviously, you cannot talk to your parents about this. Friends will think you are loser.

What do you do now?

Do you think you’ve tried everything you were aware of?

May be you were ignorant about other methods and now you should try something new. So, today I will tell you next 5 steps you should follow after rejection.

Step 1: Don’t be depressed

This is just the first step and you’ve a lot of time to change things.

  • Face your emotions
  • Talk to someone with whom you feel better
  • Play the game you like or watch some comedy show

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Step 2: Self evaluation

Ask yourself were you really up to the expectations of the employer?

Were you in neat and clean formals?

Polished shoes?

Good hairstyle?

Did you greet them or you were tensed?


Yes, all these things matter a lot. If you don’t dress up properly employer will think that you will introduce this trend in his company. If he feels that you are tensed then how will he let you talk to his clients?

Step 3: What to speak in interview?

Interview is like marketing, you’ve to sell your skills to the employer.

How you do that?

Never discuss each and every information with your employer. He will never be interested and will be irritated.

interview skills

You don’t have to discuss what you want to tell. You should showcase what your employer is interested in. For that you’ve to do pre-interview session.

Pre-interview session

  • Go to the company’s website or check the job posting
  • Make a list of skills required by the employer
  • Check what skills do you actually possess out of all those skills

Step 4: Resume preparation

Resume is your tool and you should use it to sell your skills.

Engineering Resume

Your resume should not waste employer’s time. It should be short and to the point.

What should you write in resume?

  1. Do not overwrite personal details: Ignore father’s name, mother’s name, hobbies etc. Employer must be sitting right in front of you, so, he can ask you all this.
  2. Accurate set of skills: Don’t write all the courses or certification you’ve done. Just write what your employer requires.
  3. Separate resume for different profiles: This is a common mistake that students do. Every employer has different requirements & so should your resume should reflect.

Step 5: Interview questions

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I hope you will not this blunder. Apart from technical skills, employer judges several other skills in you.

I will list some of them for you:

  • Situation reaction: Company already has protocols for old problems. But what if company is stuck with a new problem then how will you help them.
  • Never say ‘NO’: They have few minutes to judge you & they will ask every possible question like:
    • How will you travel so far?
    • Will you relocate?
    • Can you work extra hours?

So, you should be prepared for such questions.

  • Positive you: Never say anything negative about yourself. Why will employer take a negative employee in his firm? Always show your brighter and positive side.

What if he asks you “are you lucky”? You should immediately say yes.

Now you have evaluated yourself, prepared resume and questions for interview and you’re ready for the next opportunity.