This Patent by Apple takes Technology to Parallel Dimension

The recent patent by Apple that reveals plans for a futuristic pen that can write on any surface without touching the screen. Apple is already developing a futuristic pen or stylus that lets users draw on any surface including in mid-air. In recently filed patent the Silicon Valley Giant describes how the pen-like device [...]

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Cross-Licensing your Technology: How would you do that?

What is Cross-Licensing? A cross-licensing patent agreement is a contract between two parties that grant mutual rights to both parties intellectual property. The agreement may be a private, one between two specific companies or the small consortium of companies. Or it may be a public agreement such as patent pool, in which IP management is shared [...]

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Patent Prosecution 101: Understanding Patent Examiner Rejections

A complete and exhaustive rejection of all the various procedural options that exists after various types of rejection have been received goes beyond the scope of thus primer. Nevertheless what follows is intended to give some basic understanding of the consequences and options facing patent applicants  after they have received rejection. And while this primer [...]

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