How to get a patent faster?

Patent Pending Patent gives the inventor exclusive right over the invention in return of disclosing the invention to the public. If an inventor discloses the invention befire filing the patent then the bargain is broken. Getting a patent is more difficult after you have disclosed the invention. How to get Patent Quickly? Provisinal patent [...]

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Difference between Registered and Unregistered Trademark

It may surprise you to learn that your trademark receives some legal protection, even if its not officially registered with the USPTO. Such protection for the unregistered trademark is based on common law of protection and Federal Lanham Act. What you receive without Registration? While the extent of protection id typically limited to the [...]

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Introduction to Intellectual property 001

Intellectual property pertains to any original creation of the human intellect such as artistry, literary, technical, or scientific creation. Intellectual property rights refer to the legal right given to the inventor or creator to protect its invention or creation for certain period of time. These legal rights confer an exclusive right to the inventor, [...]

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