AI to solve Real World Business

In 2017 Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is called was all the rage and took the spotlight with it outgrowing the phase of all the experimentation and hype. Now the Artificial Intelligence is changing the way lawyer thinks, the way they do business and the way they do business and the way they interact [...]

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Glorify Your Invention in a Patent Application by fully defining it

You Definitely have an idea which had matured into an Invention, What to do next? Many inventors will find a patent attorney or a patent agent that they will work with as they take the process of filing a patent application in hopes of obtaining a patent. Others will try and represent themselves. Representing yourself [...]

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IP Valuation

  US drugmaker Abbott Laboratories has agreed to pay-$3.7 billion or Rs 17,000 crore to buy the domestic formulations business of Piramal Healthcare in a scramble among global pharmaceutical companies to get a foothold in a promising market. Abbott, which is celebrating its 100th year in India and owns such brands as Creamffin, Brufen and [...]

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Patent Drafting for Beginners: The anatomy of a patent claim

In a printed patent the claim usually comes last. The claim are the heart of the patent in that they define the limits of exactly what patent does, and does not, cover. That is the patentee has the right to exclude other form making, selling or using only those things which are described in the [...]

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A microwave medical waste disinfection system was patented by Govt.

About OptiMaser, a mobile microwave medical waste disinfection system manufactured by S.S. Medical System Pvt. Ltd. has requested the intervention of Union Government expressing its concern over the process being followed to establish government eMarketplace (GeM) an online " Government E-Marketplace for government procurement of common use goods and service required by various Government Departments/Organisations/PSU's by writing letters [...]

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Why innovation feeds on Augmented and Virtual Reality?

 Lately, we have seen a lot of innovation in the field of technology with respect to the augmented and virtual reality already. As the technology keeps on expanding in 2017 also, we see there is a lot of room for the further innovations. Firstly it is not only tech innovation but first to credit innovation. A [...]

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