IPR Job for Science Graduates : Patent Agent ,The Patkey Show : Episode-8

“THE PATKEY SHOW” is a YouTube episode series for people who have a keen interest in Indian Patent Agent Examination. This show is hosted by Cheshta Sharma and Kirtiman Sharma. Transcript : Kirtiman Hello and Welcome to the Patkey show. And here are today's three questions. Q1. What are the jobs in IPR [...]

Removing Unnecessary rules at PTO

As demanded by Trump White House, the USPTO has continued the process of removing regulations that are "potentially outdated, unnecessary, ineffective, costly, or unduly burdensome to both government and private sector operations. In this newest proposal, the office proposes eliminating the followings; 37 CFR 1.79: which prohibits reservation clauses.i.e. it prohibits a pending patent application [...]

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What Is Intellectual Property? Defining IP Rights and Protections

What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property refers to the body of law that protects creative works, designs and inventions.It also  provides registration procedures for creators and inventors to gain additional right and access to increased protection. Usually it is divided into Industrial property and Copyright. Industrial property refers to patents and trademark as well as [...]

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Glorify Your Invention in a Patent Application by fully defining it

You Definitely have an idea which had matured into an Invention, What to do next? Many inventors will find a patent attorney or a patent agent that they will work with as they take the process of filing a patent application in hopes of obtaining a patent. Others will try and represent themselves. Representing yourself [...]

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National IP Strategies

WIPO assists developing and least developed countries (LDC), to produce national intellectual property strategies. We draw on our unique global expertise to help nations avoid common pitfalls and ensure that the best possible strategies emerge. Now, what is National IP Strategy? A national IP strategy consists of a set of measures, formulated and implemented by [...]

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Why innovation feeds on Augmented and Virtual Reality?

 Lately, we have seen a lot of innovation in the field of technology with respect to the augmented and virtual reality already. As the technology keeps on expanding in 2017 also, we see there is a lot of room for the further innovations. Firstly it is not only tech innovation but first to credit innovation. A [...]

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