You keep on searching jobs on Internet. From some you get response and you never hear back from others. Don’t you feel irritated, even after so many years of education you don’t have any job to do. You must’ve convinced yourself by now that you will do any job offered to you.

 Career cycle of an Engineer


If this is what you think, then you are wrong. Its just you’ve not tried everything. There are emerging fields with scope for Engineers. You don’t search jobs in those fields because you are not aware about it. Instead of following everyone you should explore new opportunities in the market. Students can gain employment in a several other fields in which analysis, content writing & management capabilities of these students are utilized. 

“It’s time to be different, not to be same”

Some new jobs related to searching, analysis & patents are hottest in Indian market. Famous companies are hiring Engineer students to complete their targets. Recent trends show that companies are not only interested in creating new ideas but also in protecting them.

electronics engineer

Students can try their luck in following jobs:

  • Analyst: Technology Landscape & Portfolio
  • Patent Investigator
  • Patent drafter
  • IP Docketing
  • Business development associate: patents

 These jobs can give your career a kick-start. You will be paid according to your talent & hard work. Specially, in India people are not aware about this field much. So, chances are you will have better job with good salary.

Top 10 companies that can pay 3 lakhs per annum to a fresher:

  1. CPA Global
  2. Clair Volex
  3. IBM
  4. Dell
  5. Hewlett Packard
  6. Apple
  7. Samsung
  8. Microsoft
  9. Cisco systems
  10. Intel Corp.

What will be your designation?

Patent Engineer or Scientist

You can work as a patent analyst or investigator

What will be assigned to a Patent Engineer?

  • Reading & understanding new Electronics invention
  • Creating an application of the same
  • Searching different databases for old inventions
  • Filing application & handling all matters related to the application

Benefits of choosing this field

  • Helps you to get a good package in beginning of about 3 lakh per annum
  • You can stick to your core field
  • Enhances your technical knowledge

Making a career in IPR will give you a good hike in salary as well as an opportunity to grow day by day. This field is the good option for you to fulfill your dreams and help your personal as well as professional growth.