This Patent by Apple takes Technology to Parallel Dimension

The recent patent by Apple that reveals plans for a futuristic pen that can write on any surface without touching the screen. Apple is already developing a futuristic pen or stylus that lets users draw on any surface including in mid-air. In recently filed patent the Silicon Valley Giant describes how the pen-like device [...]

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Apple patents for Intelligent Blood Pressure Monitoring

A freshly surfaced patent details a smart blood pressure monitoring system device that would automatically measure a user's blood pressure. The patent was published by the USPTO, though it shows that Apple filed it back. In its, the company refers to the system as an "Intelligent Blood Pressure Monitoring" technology.  Abstract In some implementations, a [...]

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Apple granted patent for self adjusting watchbands

We so remember the auto-adjusting jackets and power-lacing shoe in back to the future. Well apple is applying same logic to watch bands based on new patent company was recently granted. As reported by AppleInsider, the patent is entitled to "Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices". If Apple delivers on what the patent [...]

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Apple faces down Qualcomm, Ericsson over EU patent fees

The European Union is drawing up guidelines on how many patent holders should charge for their technologies a thorny issue that pits Apple and other users against Qualcomm and Ericsson. Trillions of Dollars in sales are at stake as regulator ponder whether a flat, fixed rate, would be better.  The patent fee model by the world [...]

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Apple’s invention is clearly related to Quantum dots layer and Quantum Dots display structures.

As per the new patent, Apple's might not be sticking to the old OLED display panels in future. You must be aware of the TFTs, OLEDs, FHDs, QHDs. These are normal displays you find on any phone. However, quantum displays are much better to view because of a couple of reasons. US Patent and Trademark [...]

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Apple’s TV’s remote with Biometric sensors

Apple is preparing for its release of 5th generation Apple's TV next week. Interestingly new details about the Cupertino giant is planning is planning for digital media player surfaced this week thanks to newly published patent. Patentlyapple recently came across this patent. The patent seem to be detailing about how Tim Cook’s company intend to [...]

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