As per the new patent, Apple’s might not be sticking to the old OLED display panels in future. You must be aware of the TFTs, OLEDs, FHDs, QHDs. These are normal displays you find on any phone. However, quantum displays are much better to view because of a couple of reasons. US Patent and Trademark Office published another patent application on Quantum Dots Spacing for High-Efficiency Quantum Dots Display.

Quantum Dots are semiconductor material which is sized only a couple of nanometers in size. Their tiny size enables their optical and electronic properties to differ from each other. Quantum Dots offer much better power efficiency as compared to OLED. When electricity is applied to the Dots they emit light of particular frequency. When the size of the Dots is changed, the frequency can also be altered. Smaller Quantum Dots emit higher energy, ie, bluish lights and larger Quantum Dots emits lower energy lights,i.e, redder lights.

Apple’s Patent

The image shows Apple’s Patent cross-sectional view of Quantum Dots. It has a core(blue color), the shell (yellow color) and coating of organic or inorganic ligand bound to shell. It is a mixture of quantum dots combined with metal oxide coating and quantum dots with ligands.

The image shows a layer of 300Quantum Dots in placed inside a layer of 500 Quantum Dots. The mixer might create carrier traps site which traps the charge emitted by the electron this enhances the quantum dots excitation to the devices. The metal oxide coating on the quantum dots creates a charge transporting matrix. This increases the recombination zone, which inturn increases the devices efficiency as well as longitivity of a device.