Apple’s new patent can turn accessory iPhone into touchscreen laptop

Apple has recently filed a patent for a slim portable accessory that will help turn an iphone and ipad into a touchscreen laptop. According to the application the accessory is assort of ‘headless’ device that features laptop like hardware like a large display, physical keyboard, GPU and connectivity ports among others. But the device [...]

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Apple’s two new inventions on pencil working patented.

A recent survey was reported on the filing of two new application on working of the new invented stylus of the Apple’s pencil working model for both iPad Pro and iPhone, which was seen in the Patently Apple where it was posted. Just in comparison of Samsung new inventions of Samsung Galaxy pro-8 ; now [...]

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Innovation showered upon vehicle to vehicle communication safety technology, patented by Apple 

The most innovative and interesting idea was brought about by Apple on thursday, that is the vehicle to vehicle communications technology (V2V) which is a key to the world of the autonomous vehicle driving system. The title of the patent is “Wireless Vehicle System for Enhancing Situational Awareness”. V2V Communication  Communication is actually the [...]

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Covering a Head Tracking UI, Indoor location Service and a Reminder System for Drivers:Apple

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially Apple Inc. For 34 published a series of newly formed patents. In this special report we highlight patents to cover a reminder system for future leading tracking user interfaces, iDevice indoor location services and drivers and exit from their vehicle. Apple was also provided a patent design for [...]

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Tipped into the new Apple patent, iPhone 8 Touch ID Panic Button

Apple is working on transforming its biometric sensor into a secret panic button, if Touch ID is potentially being used to cry for help. If you are disturbed, expanded in a patent published for a week, this Prior to the week, Apple was given the so-called "Biometric Initialized Communication" The method depends not only [...]

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