At some point or the other we go through the frustration of wanting our dream career with all our heart but fail to get it. We have to find that one career from the thousands, suiting our skills but it seems like forever that we are failing to find it.

Are you failing to find such a career which fits your requirement perfectly? You are never trying to move yourself up to the level of greatness.

Negative approach

There is that one career which is just perfect for you. Even though your efforts can solve the problem but you are failing to do the right kind of efforts. You are a pessimist, only seeing your dream career’s impossibility, and thinking that it is an unattainable dream in your life. Remember, you are making that impossible, not the world. You are failing to take the required action. You are casual, and assuming you will be successful in making a career path somewhere else even if you don’t run after your dream career.


You don’t know appreciating your self

Your downfall is coming from lack of appreciation of your self, which is making you depressed. You believe that you are too ordinary and have no super talents, and that you are undeserving of the happiness of pursuing a career that you have dreamt all your life.

But the truth is that you will continue to be a common man until you aim high.


Lacking the right kind of passion

However, luck plays a big part in making your dream job, but passion is one necessary aspect of life when we aim to achieve big. There is a heavy need of such a passion in making your dream career. But you be mistaken again by assuming that passion is the property of genius people and continue living a boring life which lacks enthusiasm and zeal. Passion gives us the right direction towards our true goals to achieve success. It gives meaning to our lives, adding real value to it, without it life remains incomplete.  Passion is the true stimulator, a step up to acquire your dream career soothing all the difficulties and freeing your path from all the hurdles. And it’s never late to follow your passion.


Unwilling to invest your time in the right path

Everyone is busy with their lives, and you are questioning yourself that where is the time for running after your dream career? But even if you leave everything aside and just follow the path to your dream career it is likely that everything else you crave for in life will come after you. You are completely unaware where you should put in use your time and energy.


Because you have held your fears too tightly

Are you afraid that people will make fun of you? It is the failure’s fear which is stopping you to try. Fear is resisting you to make your dream career. Lack of confidence is preventing you to move forward. You need to leave your nervousness behind and let go of your unreasonable fears.


“Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes in the failure” Getting your dream career is one of the biggest gifts of life. It may be a comfortable feeling to just sit back and not take any measures, even if it is to achieve your dream career. But don’t forget achieving such dreams just don’t happen on their own in life, they are not effortless gifts. You are lazy, and lack all the motivation you need. All these days you are unable to live up to your own demands because of your sluggish behaviour. You want to sleep all the time, there will be sleeping enough in the grave.


Because you cannot cross every milestone all alone

You are lacking that support system and trying to go alone on the hard long way. Knowing your likes and dreams are sometimes enhanced by others.


Unable to find your muse in life

They say when you dream, dream big! But you have been believing all your life till that you are undeserving to dream about your dream career. Ambition is the key to happiness and success and you are lacking ambition completely from your life. You keep wondering what your life would be like had you done this or that, and the time whiles away just like that. You do not take the required step by leaving the fear behind. You’re lacking the inspiration that pushes you and guides you. The barriers which are not allowing you to reach greatness are nothing but imaginary hurdles. You may be just finding them too real and not acting.


Because societal pressure devours you

All round our existence, we keep on hearing the unacceptable demands of society and family, which are not in our favourable interest, but we still accept them and go according to them. We constantly hear comparisons, how others are better than us and how we should aim to be like them, like the rest of society. But that is not where our skills and talents fit, and not likely be our dream career, we fail to realize this. That may be one of the big reasons why you remain unsatisfied with your life. The fear of rejection is so high that we make a career just anywhere just for the sake of fitting in society and coming up to its demands. We are unable to move to our true demands and desires.



In the end don’t waste your time running away from your dreams, chase your dream career and chase it deep.  Keep your spirits high with a ‘go get it attitude’. Find out your passion, follow your ambition and get the level of greatness. Leave society’s expectations and find out what your soul demands from you, achieve what you desire, and act fast! Your muse is waiting at the corner to inspire you, all you need to do is be active!