With over one million advertisers use Google Adwords program in 190 countries to advertise their business.Google Adwords program is highly controversial among trademarks experts as it also to monetize on others marks.Answering the critics, Google has announced fresh policies-

We’ll act on reliable AdWords counterfeit complaints within 24 hours. In 2009, we announced a new complaint form to make it fast and easy for brand owners to notify us of misuse. For brand owners who use this form responsibly, we’ll reduce our average response time to 24 hours or less.
We will improve our AdSense anti-counterfeit reviews. We have always prohibited our AdSense partners from placing Google ads on sites that include or link to sales of counterfeit goods. We will work more closely with brand owners to identify infringers and, when appropriate, expel them from the AdSense programme.
We’ve introduced a new help center page for reporting counterfeits. That way, we aim to make it easier for users and brand owners to find forms to report abuse.
Fresh policies of Google are not only welcomed by International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition but also brand owners which are seriously fighting counterfeiting.Improvements in complaint procedure will surely help brand owners.