A patent infringement case has been filed against Lupin by Horizon pharma, a US based drugs company. It filed the case in District Court of New Jersey for asserting its rights over four patents for the manufacture of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug called Pennsaid which contains two per cent of diclofinac sodium.

Lupin has filed a new drug application abbreviated “Anda” for the same generic version of Pennsaid which contains two per cent of diclofinac sodium, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. And hence Horizon pharma sued a legal action against Lupin.

Though the law suit had been confirmed, Lupin still did not comment on the matter.

Earlier, Horizon also filed a suit against Sun pharmaceuticals’ US subsidiary Taro Pharmaceuticals for the same drug – Pennsaid, for infringement of patent. In turn this made Taro pharmaceutical to file an “Anda” with the US Food and Drug Administration for a generic version of Pennsaid. Finally, Taro and Horizon made to sign with the agreement where Taro got its non-exclusive right to market the generic product.

Plea says, Lupin should be allowed to market pennsaid which has two per cent diclofinac sodium when the Horizon’s patent duration expires. Also Horizon asked for the monetary benefit.

Horizon had purchased the right to sale and marketing of Pennsaid from Nuvo pharmaceuticals from Canada in the year 2014.Nuvo however, retains the right to market the same product outside the US. Still Horizon has made the profit of $45 million by selling the product inn United States.

And hope if Lupin can able to sell the Pennsaid with two per cent in United States after the patent of Horizon expires.

Fortunately, Pennsaid two per cent was a major success for Horizon in acquiring $45 million and contributing $147 million in sales in US in the year 2015.

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