Thousands of patents are filed everyday, beginning from nappies for pet birds to foldable apple cellphone. Definitely these ideas are innovative and they can be stolen easily.

 new idea

‘Counterfeit products’ and ‘fakes’ cases are on rise these days.

fake product

This is where Patent analyst comes in. Patent analyst will do all the hard work for you. He will protect your invention from violators. Famous firms like IBM, WIPRO, Infosys, Dell, HP, Apple, Samsung etc. file patent every month. They hire Patent Engineers frequently.

What is Patent Analysis?

Patent is a technical document that describes invention. In analysis, the Engineer inspects patent document. Precisely, he can inspect document for variety of reasons:


  1. If client has asked to perform prior art search before commercialization
  2. If company has to revive product or services
  3. If client is involved in Infringement case
  4. If analysis report has to be generated

Firms hire a patent analyst for following reasons:

  • Searching prior art
  • Performing market research
  • Protecting your invention from infringement
  • Conducting Infringement analysis
  • Checking patent file histories
  • Preparing Technical documents
  • Searching potential licensees and collaborators
  • Checking freedom to operate in a given geographical area

Who can be a patent analyst?

Person carrying Bachelor’s degree in Science can be a patent analyst. Engineers will have added advantage. Trends show that Engineers are hired at a better package.

What does a Patent Analyst do?

I briefly discussed the role of Patent Analyst in the beginning. Now, I will elaborate on those roles here:

    • Analyst will get variety of patents to work on. One of my friends told me that he gets 10 to 15 patents per day and they have different deadlines.
    • They work on Cutting-edge science technology. This gives them opportunity to know about latest technology in advance. Sounds cool.
    • Patent Engineers have to work on several projects. One such awesome project is, ‘launching a new product’. Every company should check available prior arts in the territory. Lots of research work is involved here, which is generally assigned to Patent Engineer.
    • Patent Engineers assist Patent Drafters for giving them a good idea of invention’s current state.
    • They help R&D department to improve products and services. Their analysis report can be of great help to this department.

Does this profile involve usage of technical knowledge?


Indeed, technical knowledge is the most important part that patent Engineer should possess. A person should be skilled in the art to understand the invention.

People relate patent with knowledge of law. But the fact is patent requires technical knowledge more than the knowledge of law. To work as a patent analyst it is important to have strong technical skills. Good news is people are not aware about this field and competition is less. Fresher can easily get a job with a good salary package.