INTA is the global association of trademark owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property. The Association’s member organizations represent 30,000 trademark professionals and include brand owners from major corporations as well as both small and medium-sized enterprises, law firms and non-profits. There are also government agency members as well as individual members. In short, everyone who is anyone in the trademark world is associated with INTA in one way or another.

The Opening Ceremony

During the opening the ceremony, 2017 INTA President Joe Ferretti highlighted the changing role of brands moving from a focus on the functional attributes of products to becoming part of a social identity. More than ever, he commented, brands are being shaped by consumers. Mr. Ferretti suggested that companies should assume a broader role as brand stewards to empower consumer engagement. If firms understand where brands are going they are in a better position to anticipate the challenges ahead.
“So today, I challenge all of you to evolve in your roles, too. Embrace the role of brand steward.”

Keynote Address

Annual Meeting registrants heard from Inigo Mendez de Vigo, Spain’s Minister of Education, Culture and Sport and government spokesperson. Giving the Keynote Address at INTA’s Opening Ceremonies, Mendez de Vigo said that there are still many important issues, such as the protection of trade secrets, the fight against counterfeits, and the protection of creators’ rights, particularly in relation to the digital world.
“Only we and not the passage of time can shape the present,” said Mendez de Vigo. “Time will say nothing but I told you so.”
Mendez de Vigo began by demonstrating the Spanish government’s determination to protect innovator’s rights, “not only because it is our obligation, but because it is our conviction.” He made it clear talent must always have a price and that it should be rewarded. Believing the fight against anti-piracy should be communicated through the school curriculum so as to reach children at a young age, Mendez de Vigo, added that infringing creator rights should be explained to students as stealing.

Hypothetical Departure

The Minister Mendez de Vigo also referenced current events effecting the industry, particularly the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, more commonly referred to as Brexit. Mendez de Vigo acknowledged that Europe is at a turning point. As a Member of European Parliament, Mendez de Vigo is convinced of the European Union’s importance and the need to have a common purpose based on freedom, security, and the respect of basic rights. For a new unified IP environment to function, IP professionals are faced with new challenges to address in an increasingly global world.