I have been receiving many emails asking me about salary of registered patent agent. Post 2005, demand of registered patent agents has increased. With IIPTA team we conducted research across various sectors which employ patent agents. Patent Agents are employed by all fortune 500 companies engage in any research and development, Law Firms, IPR services companies and even various legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies. Various government positions are available.
I have collected all questions and have tried to answer based on our research-

1. Question – What is the salary of Indian Patent Agent?
Answer – Salary of patent agent in India varies from 3.0 lakh per annum to even 15 lakh per annum.

2.       Question – Is the research experience counted while applying for job of patent agent?
Answer – Yes, relevant research experience is counted and salary is certainly raised over past salary.

3.       Question – I am an engineer and good work experience. I have qualified patent agent exam. Where I should apply for job now?
Answer – Engineers with patent agent qualification are high in demand. Companies like Infosys, Motorola and Qualcomm employ patent counsel. With good knowledge of Indian and US patent law, patent drafting a person can fetch good remuneration up to 6 lakh. Relevant experience in IPR and patent management can give you 12 lakh packages even.

4.       Question – I am research fellow and have completed M.Sc. / M.Pharma. How much will I earn if I qualify patent agent exam?
Answer- Such profile candidate can apply in law firm or even company engaged in research in field of your specialization. For example student with M. Sc (chemistry) or M.Pharma can apply in pharmaceutical company. Students can expect 3.5- 4 lakh per annum.

5.       Question – I have completed Ph D. Where I can apply for patent agent jobs?
Answer – People with Ph D with patent agent can start their work as patent consultant. IPR companies or KPOs pay good packages.

6.       Question – I have completed B.Tech (biotechnology).  Where will I get job on qualifying patent agent?
Answer- Students with biotechnology and patent agent can start with Biotech Company or IPR company to earn packages of 3 lakh per annum.

7.       Question- What is the scope of work expected from patent agents?
Answer – Patent drafting, searching and analysis, patent and other IP registration process.

8.       I was not able to qualify patent agent examination last year. How I can get job in IPR?
Answer – You can start work as intern in law firms or IPR company to get relevant experience and then apply for jobs.