Jobs growth in the technology sector in beating the rest of the economy by three to one and with #MakeInIndia campaign roaring high, many companies are setting up their facility in India.


With increased automation, jobs of IT engineers are becoming limited but there is new class of engineers- PATENT ENGINEER who are now in more demand in India.

In the recent job fair conducted at IIPTA, CPA Global- India’s No. 1 patent outsourcing company,  has offered six figure salary to freshers patent engineers.

Who is Patent Engineer?

Patent Engineer helps in careful understanding of new technological innovations. He participates in conducting technological search on various databases. It help other inventors or engineers get patent protection on their invention by collaborating between inventors and patent office.


Most patent scientists or engineers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a scientific or engineering discipline, with many holding advanced degrees such as Ph.D.s or M.D.s. Their role is to carefully understand technological aspects of invention, draft patent application and work with patent office.


Getting Started as Patent Engineer

All engineering students with suitable knowledge of patent law can apply for the job as Patent Engineer in various companies across various industries like Yahoo, Motorola, Google, Tata motors, Samsung, IBM etc.

As Amazon declares in its patent-lawyer job notice: “Responsibilities include direct client counseling, third party IP investigations and actively working with outside counsel to manage filing, prosecuting and maintaining our growing US and foreign patent portfolio.” – Forbes

Planning for success as Patent Professional

As most of the engineering students are unaware of new career in patenting, so demand is high and supply is less. This results in high income and good growth. This career will require you to file patent applications


Many students at IIPTA who started their career at 3.5 lac in 2012 are now earning 15 lakh package. Read Story here.

Targeting 10 Lac per annum Salary Package

If you have good technical experience and you add on knowledge of patent and IPRs, you can easily target salary of 10 lac per annum.

For example, if you have experience of 2 years in software testing or programming and you can only earning Rs. 18000 per month. So you will be considered that you have good technical expertise and now you know patent laws, so you will be upgraded to salary of 27000 per month for first year and Rs. 40,000 per month salary in second year. If you continue upgrading your knowledge  and experience third year can again double your salary.