In a public notice (CG/Public Notice/TMR/2012-13/74) issued by the patent office of India dated 6/7th November, 2012; patent office have stated that they are going to organize a special drive for disposable of opposition and rectification matters. Patent office said that many oppositions which were filed against registration of trademarks have been withdrawn by the opposition either due to suo moto or on the basis of settlement between parties involved and also parties involved many applicants who wanted to rectify Register of trademarks by cancellation or variation of registered trademarks of other proprietors have also withdrawn their rectification applications. It was learnt that the appropriate offices have not considered such requests that is why this drive was initiated.

In order to locate such cases applicants/opponents or their authorized agents who have made requests for withdrawal should communicate information about their request with details to concerned Trade Marks Registry (TMR) branch office latest by 30.11.2012. This communication can be made at following ids:

· TMR Delhi (Mr. Arun Kumar- [email protected])

· TMR Ahmedabad (Ms Hemlata Chaudhari – [email protected] )

· TMR Mumbai (Mr. M. M. Wakodikar– [email protected])

· TMR Chennai (Mr. R. Venkatesan– [email protected] )

· TMR Kolkata (Mr Birendra Jaiswal– [email protected] ).

The concerned TMR branches will segregate applications on the basis of opposition and rectification. The cases will be taken up as follows:


17th December, 2012 Opposition matters relating to applications bearing No 0000001 to 0500000
18th December, 2012 Opposition matters relating to applications bearing No 0500001 to 0900000
19th December,2012 Opposition matters relating to applications bearing No 0900001 to 1200000
20th December, 2012 Opposition matters relating to applications bearing No 1200001 to 1600000
21st December, 2012 All matters related to rectification
Hence the parties (or their duly authorized agents) to opposition/rectification proceedings wherein any request for withdrawal has been submitted, are requested to appear before the nominated officer of the appropriate office concerned at a scheduled date during the period between 17th December, 2012 and 21st December, 2012. No separate hearing notice will be issued in such cases.