On Tuesday Samsung was granted a design patent for a wearable communications device that they show pinned to a T-Shirt or Jersey. The crew of the USS Enterprise used to wear these if we recall. So the question arises in our mind that- Is Samsung thinking of cashing in the Star Trek craze for this generation?
While in that case one can say that it’s the end of summer and there’s still time to get in a little crazy fun while we can. It appears that Samsung may want to tap into the Star Trek-cult that show-up in huge numbers at trade shows like Comic Con every year. Below is a picture of the Woz interviewing Star Trek star Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner) viewed below .

Samsung Design Patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a granted patent for Samsung recently that was originally filed on June 9, 2016. The design covers a wearable communications terminal attached to the jersey over the chest portion. While there’s always a question which arises in between that- whether design patent is an inter-office, in-home or other kind of device is unknown as design patents never provide details beyond their patent figures like those that are noted in-part below as the patent application shows their limited explanations, thus further explanation is not possible.
This patent application was only based on the design of the Star-Trek batch like hologram which will be worn only by the members of the USS Enterprise members only for better identifications and for getting a patent application filed for this only for use of royalty over the Samsung Company itself. While though this patent application got its flash only in the website of the Patently Apple where this invention was readily viewed .


So from this report we can say that this design patent is only for the representation of the logo for the USS Enterprise using the Star-Trek communication system by the enlargement company Samsung as a design patent.