Apple’s very own stylish, user friendly web browser with a simplistic interface; Safari. The simple and beautiful user interface makes Safari a favourite amongst all its users. First released in 2003 for MAC, Safari has jumped in great leaps and bounds and recently released its version of Safari 10 for Windows.

Safari 10 allows users to explore additional features of Safari with its minimalistic and extremely user friendly interface. With this new update of Safari for Windows, Safari has set the bars to a great height.

How To Download Safari 10 for Windows:

  • Step 1: Head to Apple’s official website .
  • Step 2: Choose the latest version and click on download.
  • Step 3: After completion of the download of Safari 10 for Windows using a compressed file, you have to extract the contents of the zipped installation. Extract this into a target folder of your choice of name.
  • Step 4: After you have completed extraction of the files, double click on Safari.exe to launch Safari 10 on your browser!

New Features on Safari 10 for Windows:

  • A whole new bookmarks sidebar, including double-click to focus in on a folder.
  • Redesigned Bookmarks and History views.
  • Site-specific zoom: Safari remembers and re-applies your zoom level to websites.
  • Improved AutoFill from Contacts card.
  • Reader improvements, including in-line sub-headlines, bylines, and publish dates.
  • Legacy plug-ins are turned off by default in favour of HTML5 versions of websites.
  • Allow reopening of recently closed tabs through the History menu, holding the “+” button in the tab bar, and using Shift-Command-T.
  • When a link opens in a new tab, it is now possible to hit the back button or swipe to close it and go back to the original tab.
  • Improved ranking of Frequently Visited Sites.
  • Web Inspector Timelines Tab.
  • Debugging using Web Inspector.

iOS-specific features for Safari enable:

  • You can bookmark links to particular pages as “Web Clip” icons on the Home screen.
  • MDI-style browsing.
  • Opening specially designed pages in full-screen mode.
  • Pressing on an image for 3 seconds to save it to the photo album
  • Support for HTML5 new input types.

Benefits of Using Safari Web Browser:

  • Privacy and Security– Safari is the only browser with the DuckDuckGo feature. This is a search engine that has no built in feature to track you.
  • Safari 10 is faster than Chrome and Firefox.
  • Longer battery life & better performance– Safari for Android is built with energy saving technology as well as an incredibly fast JavaScript Engine.
  • Protection from harmful sites– Safari has inbuilt features to protect you from harmful and fraudulent sites that harbour malware.
  • Pin sites– Access all your favourite sites like Facebook, Twitter, Webmail etc. by pinning them. They will stay active in the background while you use other tabs.
  • AirPlay enabled– AirPlay allows you to play Video from a web page to your TV.
  • Mute Tab– Allows you to instantly mute audio without having to look for the audio source.

The extremely simplistic nature of Safari 10 makes it an absolute delight to use for Windows users as a default web browser.