New Draft Manual has been compiled with an intention to codify the practices and procedures being followed by the Indian Patent Office. Some of the key features are as follows-

Some of the key definitions have been explained in Chapter-2

Chapters 3 to 7 deal with the procedure of filing a patent application, including Ordinary Application, PCT International Application, PCT National Phase Application, Convention Application, Patent of Addition & Divisional Application.

Chapter 8 & 9 relates to examination, grant, pre-grant and post grant oppositions.

Chapters 10 to 14 cover the post-grant procedures such as maintenance of patent,appeal, revocation, compulsory licensing and use of patents for the purposes of Government.

Chapters 15 to 20 relate to Patent Agents, offences and penalties, general powers of Controller, general services and miscellaneous provisions.

Time limits prescribed under the Act and Rules have been specifically dealt with separately in Chapter 21.