The finalized design for the upcoming BMW X2 has been revealed through newly discovered patent renderings.
In February this year, the patent office was submitted to Japan and came out online this week. If accurate, then they will retain all the new BMW X2 style signals of concept, although in more tone-down form.
Production X2 headlamps and telelamp are not as sleek as concept and front end has been significantly blocked. The concept of huge double exhaust tips has also been replaced with more restricted outlets and the lower rear diffusers have been thrown in favor of one more production-ready one. Apart from these changes, however, X2 looks similar to the concept.

About BMW X2
Rumors regarding the BMW X2 have been circulating the internet for almost 5 years now. There have been some renderings but nothing from BMW directly… until now that is. The X2 has been confirmed and it’s basically to the X1 what the X6 is to the X5. A much sleeker vehicle built for people who value aesthetics over some practical benefits (and don’t care about the price as much obviously). The main rival of the X2 is a British small crossover SUV called the Evoque. You may have heard of it. It’s built by Range Rover and it “only” caught on in a massive amount in the past few years. The 2017 BMW X2 joins the crossover sector along with its already established brothers, the X4, and the X6. The underbody will be based on the second-gen X1, carrying the same UKL platform (the one in the Mini Cooper and the BMW 2-Series).
The exterior of the X2 was sadly camouflaged in the spy shots but a few things can be concluded from the pictures. First of all, it’s sleeker and much sportier than the car it’s effectively based on, the X1. The front fascia (the nose all the way to the B-pillar) should be identical to the BMW X1, as it’s the back where things differentiate.

Differences – overall!
At the front, the patent images reveal how the headlights could likely remain angular, but not quite as sharp in terms of design as the ones on the concept. Other differences include the smaller front grille, less aggressive front bumper, production-ready door mirrors, a single (and also smaller) exhaust tip, slightly altered taillights plus a regular rear bumper.

The good news is, we’re only a little over two months away from the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, where BMW will be unveiling their X2 crossover.