The recent leak of Samsung’s new smartwatch-related patents including a full-length display smartwatch and a hangable smartwatch will definitely catch gadget lovers’ attention, reported AndroidHeadlines. The patents show more than two types of smartwatches with groundbreaking functions that have not been realized on the market before. Instead of remaking the crown of the watch, through those patents released, Samsung takes it up a notch and presents its creativity redeveloping the already existing concepts and designs.

Whats their new idea ?

It looks like Samsung has filed for a patent for a smartwatch that comes with a secondary display around the rim of the watch, as you can see in the diagram above.What this means is that the secondary display will display information such as the weather, the date, songs that are currently playing, and so on. We wouldn’t be surprised if it could potentially be used to display notifications or flash a certain light when notifications come in. This will allow the main face of the watch to display more important information, or it could help with conserving battery when the main face of the watch is off.

However with this only being a patent, it’s hard to say if it will ever become a reality, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it were one day. Recently at Baselworld 2017, Samsung took the wraps off new Gear S3 models and concepts, but none of them were close to sporting this particular design, so perhaps if Samsung were to make such a watch it will be in future models.