The granted patent for the apple’s new invention links with the laser mapping to a function of a camera bearing a patent number 9456307 on October 4, 2016. The technology is based on the projection-based 3D mapping solution by PrimeSense, a firm with specialities in motion sensing and machine vision to map indoor areas.

It follows Google Inc.’s announcement of a tablet that uses multiple cameras to gather mapping information called project Tango in February 2014.the device which will be used to help NASA’s SPHERES robots navigate the International Space Station.

The iPhone-mounted laser could record the shapes and distances inside of a room. It allows the user to compress a button that activates the sensor in turn generates the laser beam and allows the circuitry in the device to gather sample data, a sample of laser data and a sample of device position data. This repeatedly happens whenever the iphone is moved and the laser gathers a data and finally generates surface data using gathered sample laser data and device position data. The laser system works by measuring the time it takes for the light to be reflected back to the sensor mounted in the iPhone, allowing it to measure the distance from an object. It could also be used in mapping a room and work out where new items of furniture may fit in. This technology could also help Apple to build up more detailed street level views for its map application by uploading scans performed by users.

These can also be helpful for various applications like virtual reality software in recreating historic buildings, helping people to find a particular shop in the mall. It could also be used as a scanner for 3D printers, which would create models that could be used to replicate objects.

Though, Apple is not the first company to use an in-build laser mount into the iPhone. One accessory maker sells a laser pointer for the iPhone that fits into the smartphone’s headphone jack.

Apple is very secretive about their further inventions and it gives the hope the same technology would be applied in media players, wrist watch devices, pendants, gaming equipment, notebooks, and tablets.

It is obviously an interesting invention from Apple more than likely it will expand its invention in the future so as to provide us with more insight as to how consumers will be able to take advantage of this new laser beam system for iDevices that cover everything from an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Apple has made it customers excite and at the same time a wait for future laser technologies.

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