Uber patents driverless car technology

The USPTO recently published a patent with application no. 15/358,033 titled “Controlling Autonomous Vehicles In Connection With Transport Services” assigned to Uber Technologies Inc. which discloses a system that allows a rider to instruct an autonomous vehicle to perform nondriving operations through a mobile computing device. The operations that the users will be able to control include unlocking the car’s doors, operating audio system etc. The system can determine when the autonomous vehicle and the requester are within a threshold distance of the pickup location.

Samsung obtains patent for A Rollable Tablet

Samsung Display Co., Ltd. has been granted a US patent, for an invention titled “Rollable display device.”  The invention as disclosed in application number 14/957,636, details a tablet with a rollable screen that’s wrapped around one of its sides and can be rolled out by pulling the device apart.

Although the actual mechanism is described in a somewhat vague manner, the illustrations show what looks like a tablet with a stretchable display panel instead of a rollable one. The abstract of the invention reads as follows:

“A rollable display device, including a flexible display panel; a roller having a cylindrical shape, one end of the flexible display panel being fixed to the roller and rolled around the roller, the roller including a penetration part, the penetration part being inclined with respect to a circumferential surface of the roller, the flexible display panel penetrating through the penetration part; and a first guide at a portion adjacent to the penetration part on the circumferential surface of the roller, the first guide guiding the flexible display panel penetrating through the penetration part to be adjacent to an outer surface of the roller.”