If you are from Biotechnology stream and upset that you don’t have good jobs in biotechnology, then stop worrying now. I completely agree that there are less jobs in biotechnology as compare to IT and even if there are jobs, they pay less salary.






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Here’s some good news for you. As per #MakeInIndia campaign:


  • USD 3.7 Billion to be spent on biotechnology from 2012-17.
  • USD 100 Billion industry by 2025.
  • India adopted the product patent regime in 2005.
  • India has the potential to become a major producer of transgenic rice and several genetically modified (GM) or engineered vegetables.

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Increase in demand for Patent Professional

To promote biotechnology in India, Indian Government has improved its policy:

  • 100% rebate on own R&D expenditure.
  • A 3-year excise duty waiver on patented products.
  • Financial support in patent filings.

This has lead to increase in demand of biotechnology professionals – PATENT ANALYST who understand biotechnology and patent law.

Who is Patent Professional

Biotechnology patent professional do not work in laboratory, rather he work with inventors and help file patents for them.







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Why career in Patenting is right for you?

  • You do not have to work in lab.
  • You can work in office helping other inventors file patent applications.
  • You collaborate between inventors and patent office.
  • You can work with new amazing inventions all the time.
  • You can earn starting salary of 3 lac per annum and grow to 8 lac per annum within 2 years.

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