Patent Pending

Patent gives the inventor exclusive right over the invention in return of disclosing the invention to the public. If an inventor discloses the invention befire filing the patent then the bargain is broken. Getting a patent is more difficult after you have disclosed the invention.

How to get Patent Quickly?

Provisinal patent application is one solution. A provisional patent application sets aside the patent process for a year, but still has to confirm to all requirements of a patent application. 

  1. Patent Search: A good patent starts with a patent search. To realise that your invention is new you have to know what is already invented, published or known. A good invention does not require thousands of hours to and a team of specialist but it does require you to know your invention and what makes it new and how the new part of yorur invention works.
  2. Write the Provisional Patent Application: Writing provisional patent application is very convienient and help in saving the invention. Moreover writing a provisional patent application is very helpful in saving the inv ention as you get a protection for a year.
  3. Plan your Patent: A provisional patent allows you to skip the formalities of drafting the body of patent application but you still need to have a strategy. Use your patent search and provisioanl patent strategy to know where you will be in a year. Take the time which provisional patent application does you to do a market research.
  4. Accelerated Examination: Once your patent is on the file it foes back to the line but you need to wait for the patents already present before you in the line. But when you are in a hurry not just to get your patent on a file but not to have a enforceable claim, then you can consider what is called : petition to make special.A petition to make special gets your patent to the front line. In order to do your patent application in a hurry and get it to the front desk a petition to make special will help you do it.

Design Patent

A design patent unlike utility patent, is more easier and quicker to get. Design patent protects the designs specially the ornamental design. You cannot file a patent for a design that is for a utilitarian purpose. For example, your invention is for ergonomic design for slotted spoon. If the ergonomic handle, however, produces a distinct look, you can protect the distinctness of that appearance using a design patent. Just like a utility patent a design patent has to start with a patent search. Patent searches for a design patent are very very difficult. Prepare for a few hours to go through google image searches trying to describe a shape.