Clean tech patent being “useful energy-sector innovation vitality because, while imperfect, they are a useful measure of the ability of individuals, firms, industries, and places to develop and implement new ideas that create business value”, Even than the paten granted for the clean energy technology was deceased a 10-year of growth .according to the booking institute the level of this decreasing of granted patent is fell by nine percent in the duration between 2014 and 2016. It was assuming that when economy set up for the energy patent it will be moving forward. A discussion is done on clean technology in white & case partner in Silicon Valley by Bijal Vakil and he said that clean technology innovation became a American’s sustainable future. This discussion focuses only on patent activity at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the recipient of a significant share of applications and grants from foreign inventors because of the size and openness of the U.S. market.13 Overall, the resulting analysis reveals a mixed picture of U.S. clean tech innovation.

Drastically fell down:

No explanation is given, why clean technology fell down in few year .according to the Bijay Vakil research, fossil fuel is cheaper and due to this reason innovation and patent application of clean technology decrease. It is known that U.S had a limit period of growth with incentives, so when Obama was administrated he explained that a number of venture capital firms pulled from this industry, when the fossil fuel price decreases. As the last five year we have seen a significant shift at the U.S patent and trademark office there has been a lot of changes focus on patent quality as patents that are better quality are frankly more valuable and this will increase the incentives and innovate and file patent.
Some new priorities are added to the clean tech in the coming year such as renewed focus on traditional fossil fuel technology, Irrespective of policy goals relating to clean tech ,technology related to the security aspect will likely spill over to clean tech ,there is also increases the simultaneous interest in energy security a world with political uncertainty.

What is the future of clean tech seen as?

Patent filing and granting has generally increased since the early 2000s, and the clean tech sector is no exception.14 Since 2001, the total number of granted patents in clean tech has more than doubled—from a little less than 15,000 in 2001 to approximately 32,000 in 2016.But the clean tech patent granted in the country fell by a nine percent between 2014 and 2016. So from the historically known, no competitor –based IP litigation in the energy sector, so there is no companies for the energy patent. Instead, some practicing companies are following historical patterns of not asserting affirmatively against competitors.

It seems that when economy picks up and the price of fossil fuel increased than that time there was a good chance that we will see the more activity in the energy patent space .No a days the tow best economic driver are technology and energy So, people are waiting to know what is going to happen for the new administration in the energy space , was it conventional and alternative energy based . At which point patent owners get more clarity and be able to get best direction for them.