Software Engineers have always seen the difficult times in the industry. If somehow they get a job, recession becomes next sticky point. Now, Engineers are striving for a promising career. But Patent is a fresh field for these Engineers and chances of failure are nil. Lets discuss some differences between Patent & software Engineers that might help you in choosing your career.

A. Salary Growth



I think this diagram explains it well.

B. Competition

  • Being a Software Engineer, if your campus placement cell doesn’t give you enough opportunities then what are the options left for you?

3 (1)

  • Patent Engineer

“Less competition and more job vacancies”

C. Reputed job

Now, the point is you’ve spent 4 years in studying in this field. Your degree should be justified.

IBM, Infosys

These companies’ hire and work with patent engineers. This job is a perfect corporate job with 9 hours shift and a desktop computer.

You can be part of these companies either as a ‘software team’ or ‘patent team’. Choice is yours whether you need to struggle a lot or you need less competition.

D. Career stability

  • Software filed is uncertain

Few years back I was using 2G in my cellphone and now I updated to 3G Internet. Earlier, I used to love Nokia but then Symbian was suddenly not interesting any more. Android replaced it & I started playing Subway surfers on it.

If new technology replaces old process then software engineer can be in trouble.

On the other hand

  • Life of Patent Engineer


After considering all these points I can conclude that Patent Engineer can learn new things, salary hike is perfect & job will be stable. However, Software Engineer might be affected from trends and salary may not satisfy the candidate.

What I personally feel is job environment is important for an employee and in tough competition you will never get that. So, choose wisely not for today but for the future.