High quality images is the hottest expectation for a smart phone now a days, and apples has granted patent for the optical zoom allow the user to frame and photograph high quality images of objects further from the camera.

It has a zooming focal lens which can be moved in relation with the focal length of the lens and the field view of the lens is changed. The issue comes here is that; such lenses are bigger than the space currently available for the conventional Apple’s iphone. But the granted patent is for a “high quality zoom camera that fits in a competitive size”.

How did they do it? They reduced the size of the zoom lens by reducing the size of the image sensor illuminated by the lens. The super resolution resampling algorithm that is used in the miniature cameras combines the information from three digital image sensor arrays, receives incoming visible light based on wavelength from different portions and that’s how the optical quality remains the same

By the three smaller image sensors or sensor arrays where the size of the light sensitive arrays of the three image sensors in aggregate is comparable to solutions with a single larger image sensor.

People also comment their difficulty in understanding the mechanism and application in zooming the camera in iphones, it requires a long study of how it works.

Unfortunately, Samsung also have improved method of zooming in and out with one finger while shooting which is a simplified version of the two-finger pinch-to-zoom technique currently employed.

LG, on the other hand, has taken a different approach with its G5, providing instead discrete standard and wide-angle lenses, allowing the user to ‘zoom out’ while taking a photo and capture more of the scene around them.

It would be easy to speculate that this feature is designed to work with the new dual rear cameras, in which case a setup similar to Apple’s (or LG’s) would be expected, where lenses of different focal lengths combine to allow some degree of optical ‘zoom’ functionality. But will it zoom in or out? Only time will tell.

Beyond Apple a lot of smart phone companies like new Moto series, LG, Samsung, Sony provides a great picture quality and it is better to afford for them than Apple.

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