Patent Analyst is employed by various types of companies: Intellectual Property Services Companies –

With increase in demand of patent and trademark services, many companies have come up in markets which provide intellectual property services of patent and trademark filing, protecting copyrights and industrial designs. Such companies need patent analyst.

Research and Development Organizations – All research and development organizations need patent professionals as they are the breeding ground for new inventions. Team of patent analyst work in finding new areas of inventions as well as participate in patent filing procedures.

Law Firms – Law firms need patent analyst to assist IP lawyers and work on patent infringement law suits.

Corporate – Companies engage in any kind of research and development or product development require patent analyst to get them insights of the patent data. Patent analyst works in such companies to provide new technological insights happening in their industry. Patent analyst keeps check on all technological advancements made by competitor’s company.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Firms – Lot of patent searching and analysis work is outsourced to India. KPO require patent analyst in various industries.

As per research by internet and also after the conversation with 500 fortune companies herewith we want to present salary packages which can be earn in different reputed companies.

Patent Analyst
CPA Global
Average Salary Package – 7,02,369

Patent Analyst
Effectual Services
Average Salary Package – 3,90,324

Patent Analyst
Average Salary Package – 5,15,248

Patent Analyst
Stellarix Consultancy Services
Average Salary Package – 4,96,778

Patent Analyst – Monthly

Average Salary Package 62 K

Patent Analyst
Motorola Mobility
Average Salary Package – 954 K

Patent Analyst
Average Salary Package – 959K

Patent Analyst
Lakshmi Kumaran and Sridharan
Average Salary Package – 375K

Patent Analyst – Monthly
Eaton Technologies
Average Salary Package – 56K

Patent Analyst
Data Routes Knowledge Services
Average Salary Package – 229K

Patent Analyst – Monthly
Average Salary Package – 31k

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