As the notification of Patent Agent Examination is out, you might be thinking where you should start your preparation for the same. Hereby, I am presenting you five tips that you should keep in mind when you are preparing for the Patent Agent Examination.

Tip No. 1: Read Patents Act: Anyone who wishes to clear Patent Agent Examination should read the Patents Act, 1970 thoroughly. The revised version of the Patents Act, 1970 is available at the official site of the patent office. With the Patents Act, it is important for you to study Patent Act, 2003 (amendments) and Patent manual. You can find them at the official site of patent office.

Tip No. 2: Solve Previous Year Papers: It is important for all the aspirants to practice old question papers. So, all the aspirants should collect as much question papers as they can and solve them thoroughly. Another point that aspirants have to keep in mind is the management of time while solving the question papers. With this, they can solve the question papers in a time-bound process.

Tip No. 3: Practical Questions: It is very important for the aspirants to be practical while answering the question. This is because the mindset of the examiner is as such that he wants the aspirants to be realistic while answering to the question. The Patent Agent has to be realistic in approach while working on patents. Hence the aspirants are suggested to undergo a formal training under the supervision of a registered Patent Agent so that they can get relevant experience and excel in their field.

Tip No. 4: Drafting: Drafting constitutes main part of Patent Agent Examination therefore it is very important for the aspirant to practice drafting of patent. Especially, claim drafting for products, process as well as apparatus. If you are able to draft claims with ease then half of the preparation is done because it is one of the most difficult part of the examination.

Tip No. 5: Forms: There are 27 forms and the aspirants should remember them by heart. Remembering the forms is not enough; aspirants should also remember the rules and the sections which are related to the form. Section 3 and the laws governing compulsory license are also as important as remembering the forms.