A Canadian viral star has accused Coca-Cola of stealing her intellectual property; after finding a catch-phrase from a song made on the edge of a Coca-Cola Bottle. Brendan Richmond created a viral sensation with his Hozer comedy song “Out for a Rip” in 2013, but he recently was surprised to see his popular catchphrase from the Coca-Cola Bottle.

The “Out for a Rip” video of Kingston, the ONTA-based comedy wrapper, made a round of rumors to rake more than 1.2 million views on YouTube, which prompted him to trademark by saying that it was so popular. That’s why he was not expecting to be printed in Toronto’s grocery store on the edge of one of the world’s most popular drinks.
However, Brendan recently discovered the very same catchphrase on a Coca-Cola bottle in Toronto.
Brendon decided to exclude Coca-Cola through song to tell the work of a clear literary slide
Follow-up for “Out for a Rip”, “Out for a Sip” (We think ” Rip Off” would be better) Brendon’s real attorney has features; And a legitimate, though music, is in danger of court proceedings, it recalls Brendan’s story with the discovery of its trademark on the bottle of Coca-Cola, as well as the demands of compensation; Free hockey tickets, new skates, and full load of Coca-Cola, to be accurate.

Brendan explanation over call out!
He said, “These words have become an integral part of life as my career and musician.” “So it was shocking … to see a prestigious product on it.”
To add an insult to injury, Coca-Cola bottles are linked to an “Out for a Rip for” playlist on Spotify – not including the original “Out for a Rip” song.
Apart from not being included in the song (‘Out for a Rip’), it does not panic with the beauty of ‘Out for a Rip,’ which is rural Canadians, the good ol ‘boy funny music’.

According to the Huffington Post, a representative of Coke said that Brendon “has reached out” for Brendon so that further matters can be discussed