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Is Patent Agent Better than Patent Attorney?

Despite the reality that the terms "Patent Agent" and "Patent Attorney" are often related to one another but there are important differences between the two. They differ in terms of their qualifications and functionalities. Why an innovator needs a Patent Professional? In order to protect and sell an invention in India, the inventors have [...]

Diet For Lawyer’s

Stress, depression, irritability and fatigue are growing exponentially in corporate environment. This is more amplified in legal profession, where lawyers have to work long hours to meet demand at work. Legal profession requires lot of stress ranging from reviewing, document preparation and rushing to meetings, courts- basically lot of commitment that leaves little time [...]

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How chemistry graduate became partner at Law Firm?

I happened to meet Meenakshi Khurana once when she had come down to conduct a seminar on Patent Drafting at IIPTA and the first opinion any person in the room made was that: she is extremely humble. A person of her stature and position with a down to earth attitude immediately captured our attention. [...]

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