I am getting lot many inquiries from pharmaceuticals students pursuing B. Pharma / M. Pharma , Pharmaceutical Management and even professionals working in Pharmaceutical industry. So I have tried to collect the queries asked by people and answer in this blog.

1. What is the career prospects of pharmaceutical in IPR or Patents?

After 2005, pharma product and process patents are permissible in India. Post 2005 demand for patent professionals is on rise. With many blockbuster drugs patent expiring in 2015, patent pharma industry is bound to grow at higher rate. Even generic market for drugs in India is growing. According to recent article published in Economic Times on 13 October 2011, all branded drugs of worth $3 billion dollars are protected under patents. In such scenario patent jobs in pharma sector is on rise.

2. What is the working profile in industry?

Patent Pharma Professionals have wide range of job responsibilities-

To ensure the IP compliance in the market for which drug is being developed.
To ensure that business risk is minimized in terms of possible patent infringement.
To provide IP protection for in house products/ process developed
To create/ provide opportunity for business / new product by using design around strategies
To identify new product opportunities by performing patent landscape or state of art studies….. etc.
3. What are the skills required for Patent Pharma Professionals?

Good understanding of patent and generic drug laws of countries across the world
Practical handling on various patent software – STN, Drug Bank, USPTO, Espcenet, PCT search etc.
Practical Understanding of Patent filing and prosecution
4. What is the expected salary ?

Salary depends on experience and designation. Salary ranges from 3 lac per annum for entry level profile as patent associate , 8 lac for senior associate or registered patent agent  to 12 lac per annum  for patent managers.

5. How my experience in pharma research or pharma knowledge will be used?

Knowledge of pharmaceutical is essentially required. Only with the combined knowledge of pharma and IPR, professionals will be able to understand the patents and perform various patent searches or patent drafting.

6. What are the companies which recruit Pharma Patent Professionals?

Generally all companies have IPR Department.

7. Is Law degree required ?

No Law degree is not required?

This blog is based on my best knowledge and readers are requested to ask more questions, if any.