Lucky patcher no root  apk version is the latest version of the software. It`s is a very peculiar, yet of immense utility system application which in itself isn’t unique but its vitality flourishes because of the fact that it preys on other applications of your mobile and helps in resolving some major queries.  It`s a very important type of software that lets the users patch android applications. It helps in getting rid of those boring tedious frustrating ads which surface in while using applications.  You even get to eradicate the license verification of the applications, to purchase them easily.

Newest features included

Enlisting here some of the new features which have been included in the Lucky Patcher Apk no root version:

  • The application comes with the simplest of the interfaces. You can easily use the app. Lucky patcher, will load all the applications which are loaded in your device. Even the applications with the Google ads will be shown in the list
  • Using the new version, Google ads can be very easily removed off your android system.
  • Remove the unwanted application permissions by using the Lucky Patcher without rooting your device.
  • Back up all the installed applications in your device.
  • Different patching options are available according to the needs of the user.

How to remove Google ads with Lucky Patcher?

Firstly, in order to remove the ads from your system, you need to root your device.  Here are the steps, to carry out the task of removing the ads:

  • To start first root your device. If you aren’t versed with rooting the device, you can go through various tutorials on youtube on how to root a device. But remember, every other android phone has a different root process. So, check the root tutorial of your android phone.
  • Now download the lucky patcher Apk from the website and install it in your cellphone.
  • Now open the application. You will get an array of applications installed in your cell phone and the apps which from which the Google ads can easily be removed are marked with the BLUE color code. The blue color code indicates that the app contains some goggle ads which can be removed.
  • Now from different menu items displayed on screen, click on the “Open Menu Patches” to proceed.
  • Now you would be redirected to another menu. Press the “Remove Google ads” in order to continue.
  • The next menu will be of two menus. Select the “Patch for removing Google ads” button
  • You will get many menu options, to patch the app but all you need to do is to press on the “Apply” button. After this, wait for a while, to patch the app.
  • After the patch you will get the message as “Patching Successful”.
  • This completes the Google ad removal process. The Google ads would be now permanently removed off .from your applications