Greetings everybody! This blog series ” IP Hall of Fame ” is to bring a ray of hope all the enthusiastic aspirants of IP who wish to build a successful career in Intellectual Property, though this field is fascinating and has a promising career, not many have the the actual awareness of this field, often people are overshadowed by the fear of unknown, to rid you of this fear, we have worked hard on taking interviews from various IP professionals who have made successful careers who stand as epitome of hope to people ambiguous of making the right career choices for themselves, through the success stories of such eminent IP professionals you can build your career following their wise advise.

Mr.Satish Rana is an entrepreneur in the field of Intellectual Property. He is an expert in Patent searching and Patent licensing, He has experience in client handling and team management for about 6 years.

He is specialized in the field of Electronics, Instrumentation and Telecommunications, He did his Masters in Finance and He is a registered Patent agent, He previously worked at Sagacious Research as Manager-Intellectual Property (2011-2012). Here is a brief of his success story.

When did you realize  for IP?

I realized this when I was in banking sector. Although I liked crunching numbers but the lack of making the best of my basic technical education always had me wanting for a technical job. That is when one of my friends introduced me to Intellectual property and when I got to know more about it I never looked back and regretted my decision.

How is a typical workday in your life?

It starts with a small meeting with my managers and allocation of work to them. Then after a small introspection of the future work allocation with my Director, I then provide support to my team when needed. Then time comes for a few client calls and few deliverable preparations and QC work. Few feedback meetings and then off to home.

What skills are required in your position ? 

A good basic technical knowledge and good hold of your technical domain. But the thing most required is an open mind and ability to think tangentially as well. A good technical acumen with a skilled analytical mind is the best combination.

How did you get your job?

I got my job through an institute in which I studied and learnt about IPR.

 Most challenging part? 

The technicality, the new technical things every day and the challenging timelines of the clients when it comes to reports. Also, the other challenging aspects are, taking out the best from your team in a crunched project wrt timelines.

What do find most enjoyable about your job? 

The amount of reading and especially technical documents that are being read while performing a project is the most enjoyable work. Sometimes it is the best way you get to know what is going on in the tech world these days.

How many hours do you work in a typical week? 

I work between 55-60 hours per week which includes the client calls that have to be taken at late night hours.

.Describe the corporate culture?

The corporate culture is much better than other fields, this is especially so because there are young people who are in all realms of such companies. Be it the management, the workforce or the project managers as well. So that provides for a great corporate culture overall.

What are the future prospects of this field?

Immense to say the least. Especially for Indians, I can say, we are just getting started. I would like to appeal to more technical graduates to enter this field, and technical education institutions to provide basic knowledge of IPR to students in at least one semester or through seasoned people like us. It will be a great pleasure to be a part of such initiative.

What would be a reasonable salary range to expect if if someone is interested in entering this field? What is the long term potential?

For starters, the salary varies from 2.5 – 3 lacs p.a. but I must tell you this, the growth in this field is humongous. Good candidates can even move up the ladder in no time at all and do start taking responsibilities in no time.

If you could start all over again, would you change your career path in any way? Why?

I would change my path from college to straightly move to IPR, as I always loved Electronics. I wanted to do some technical in Electronics, and this is the best part about IPR.

What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?

Like is said, just be clear with the fundamental aspects of your domain and be aware of the tech upgrade happening in your field.

Can you suggest some ways a student could obtain this necessary experience?

Read a lot of technical papers, google anything and everything, internet is the best source to get all the information.

What are the most important personal satisfactions and dissatisfactions connected with your occupation? What part of this job do you personally  find most satisfying? Most challenging?

Most satisfying: Growth and using my technical knowledge; Most challenging: the time lines and the amount of workload, but then it becomes fun after some time.

Finally suggestions do you have for our readers?

I would just say, IPR is the next big thing in India, there are so many entrepreneurs coming up, infact more than in SMEs as per me and all of them are doing good.