Families film The ‘Dabangg’ (Produced by arbaz khan, Salman khan(main role), Malika Arora Khan(item dancer)) gets bang from the ‘Zandu Pharmaceuticals’ , where they send a notification on 17th of September 2010 claims that the song ‘Munni Badnam’ contains their brand name which could be an infringement as its been used without their permission. The manufacturers of the product fancy the deletion of the song or elimination of word ‘Zandu Balm’. The word has been often used by the song writer; Lalit Pandit has pissed off the moods of Zandu officials.

Dabangg, a well popular movie released recently has earned fame already and credit is added chocolate flavor music, especially a special song written by Lalit pandit by item dance composition carries a role ‘Munni’ played by Malika Arora khan sizzling the effect of song. The music goes a sensational hit already gaining favor of music lovers. The notice been sent by Zandu’s counse, Ashok M Saraogi to Arbaaz Khan, his partner and wife Malaika Arora (Munni in the movie), Shri Ashtavinayak Cinemas Ltd, and director Abhinav Kashyap. The notice speaks that the word ‘Zandu balm’ is owned copyright of their firm and nobody else could use it and it’s a product name well popular in the markets. By using word ‘Zandu Balm’ in the song violates the copyright and even offend the brand name exclaims the council of Zandu pharmaceuticals.