Plant Variety Protection

Artificial Photosynthesis Can Produce Clean Fuel for the Cars of Tomorrow

What is photosynthesis in general? Photosynthesis is the process used by plants, algae and certain bacteria to harness energy from sunlight into chemical energy. Oxygenic photosynthesis functions as a counterbalance to respiration, it takes in the carbon dioxide produced by all breathing organisms and reintroduces oxygen into the atmosphere. After 30 years of research, [...]

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UnPatentability of Microbiological process

As our provision allows member states to remove from patentability plants, animals, certain biological processes, with certain limitations that still member states will still have to protect microorganisms and biological processes. Article 27.3 states; The requirements of Article 27.3 of TRIPS were incorporated into the Patents Act, 1970 via the Patents (Amendment) Act, 2002. [...]

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