flying guyI understand you must be doing lot of googling or talking to friends and making choices of career. Be it your first job or job change for growth, I am sure there must be lot of career options which you can uptake. On the basis of survey taken by our team, we found that all people in their career look for three things – certainty, uncertainty and contribution. You must be surprised to know how certainty and uncertainty co-exist. Of course, we all want certainty that we should get salary, climbing up corporate ladder should be easy or fix office time with certain type of work. With these certain types of tasks, uncertainty means job should be full of surprises- extra bonus or reward for being good employee or chance to travel abroad should come in with time. Thirdly every person looks for job satisfaction which comes in if we feel we are contributing in the society or doing good work or chasing golden goals of life.

We have interviewed lot of people working in IPR industry. There are few good reasons : why you should choose IPR as career option?

Reason #1

Industry is exponentially growing – Industry has grown tremendously in last 2 years. Number of patents, copyrights and trademark registered have grown to 15%. Not only local businesses are getting their patent and trademark registration in India. Moreover, increase in global market has given many outsourced jobs to India. Patent docketing, patent searching, paralegal etc are jobs which are outsourced in India. As India is having lot of engineering graduates, so companies like IBM are outsourcing work of patent analytics to India. Pharma graduates are mushrooming so companies like GSK has outsourced work of prior art searching in India. Legal services are too costly in US so processes of patent docketing and communication with patent office is now being done at Indian Companies.

Reason #2

Salary is good ! – Patent Engineer can easily start with salary of 3 lac per annum as compare to IT industry where engineers are starting at 12,000 per month for night shift job. Graduates with MTech degree can begin with 5 lac per annum at CPA Global, biggest IP outsourcing company of India. Bazinga!

Reason #3

Growth is easy– As compare to your friends who choose to begin in IT company where growth is sluggish, I must tell you that growth in patent and IP industry is more promising. As industry is still growing, so students or professionals who will begin their career now has huge scope of growing ahead. Professionals with 2-3 years of experience in industry are earning 10 lac per annum. This kind of package is only expected for engineers after MBA degree.

Reason #4

You can work in “brand” companies– You must understand that companies having good research budget will only spend in patents. For example in IT industry companies like Google, Facebook, Samsung etc. or in healthcare like GSK, Ranbaxy etc. are having openings in IPR Cell. So entering into industry will help you switch or start your career in “brand” companies.

Reason #5

You can have international exposure– When companies like IBM or Dr.Reddy create and market their product, they do it at global level. Products are launched in multiple countries. So working in IP department will give you extra edge of handling international projects. Once you get promotion you may be given choice to go to US or UK, where main office is located.

Reason #6

Work for 5 days a week!– Most of companies work in accordance with US Patent and Trademark Office. So you don’t have to work on Saturdays.

Reason #7

You can work in your core area– Most graduates are facing problems that job where are getting is not in core area and is not aligned with degree. While working in IPR Cell you work in core area of new technological inventions being made by companies. You have to scientifically understand each and every new invention.

Reason #8

Low investment to begin career – I completely understand that during your degree program you might not have heard of IPR. But with your technical degree you can gain extra education in just couple of months and jump start your success career. As compare to pursuing, investment is terms of money and time is less.

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