How could patkey help you to become a patent agent?

We’ve assisted over 500 students in passing their patent agent examinations, and we can help you as well!

Mrs. Cheshta Sharma, who passed the patent agent exam in 2009 and currently works as a patent professional, devised our PATKEY programmer.
She understands what it takes to succeed in the exam and has applied her knowledge to this course. It covers everything from studying more efficiently to interpreting legal texts and even how to pass the interview stage. It is a one-of-a-kind programmer that you won’t find anywhere else! So Chandigarh, what are you waiting for?

You can simply enroll in PATKEY: Patent Agent Examination Prep and have access to a step-by-step guide and information to help you advance your profession.

Online Learning Platform

All the course material is hosted online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any device with an internet browser – Desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones. The course content is structured as follows:

Long-Form Live Classes

These classes are 1–2 hours long, interactive, and require you to work using a notebook and pen or pencil with the instructor. These classes are scheduled on weekends. It covers multiple related concepts and topics in a single class. The goal here is to be interactive and provide real-time feedback on answers to help everyone attending the session with full proficiency. Once the whole curriculum is covered, classes start from the beginning once again. So there is no problem for students who join the course late.


Recorded Videos

Every single concept has its own recorded video for your reference and revision after the main live class. These sessions are short in time duration and very specific to individual topics. The goal here is to decrease the time wastage, so you do not have to listen to and search through a long video to re-refer and understand a concept. You can quickly open the relevant video and consume the knowledge in the least possible time to understand that concept.

Set of 7 Books For Patent Agent Examination

  • Patent Act 1970+ Manual of Patent Office

  • Paper 1

  • Patent Drafting

  • Case Studies

  • Viva Voice

  • Previous Year Solved Papers

  • Quick Notes

Customer Support Channels

Live Classes

With the support of our Live online classes, you can interact with our faculty every week and you will be able to clear all of your doubts and queries.

Online Learning Platform

Under each video and recording of the live video, there is a comment section to ask contextual questions related to the concept in the video.

Email Support

You can email us with personal questions. For example, financial transaction questions. But do remember to use the email that is provided to you and to use the contact form on the online learning platform.

Private Facebook Group

In the IIPTA private Facebook group, you get answers from the instructors and also from your fellow exam aspirants. As there is no limit on the number of seats in the Patent Agent Exam, there is no competition amongst the participants, making this a very helpful group.







What You Will Get Inside?

  • Set of 7 books are sent to your registered address anywhere in Chandigarh.
  • Lifetime Access to our portal
  • Get quality education right at your doorstep within Chandigarh.
  • Direct audio-video interaction with a mentor on every Saturday.
  • Online Live Class for students of 2 hours every Saturday with Expert Mentor.
  • Study with flowchart method which is easy to understand.
  • Special Classes on Patent Drafting for Students.
  • 5 Exclusive Bonuses

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