60 Days Patent Analyst Professional Program

Patent Analyst Certification Training Program

Upcoming Batch : 15th September, 2018 Delhi

Course Fees – Rs. 9,999/-

This program will provide you deep insights of various instruments of IPR-patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and geographical indications. This program will help in depth understanding of various international treaties and TRIPS. Further this program will help you understand the application of IPR in Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Software, Biotechnology, legal and Management and with constant mentor support; it will help you realize a career prospect and growth in IPR. The enrolling candidates will be issued a physical certificate delivered to their postal address after successfully completing the course modules and passing the online exam.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is created by human intellect. For example for author his book is intellectual property, fashion designers create beautiful designs by creative thinking and convert it into the financial asset. In simpler words, what we are creating using our brain we can earn money out of it.

Upcoming Batches

Patent Analyst Certification Training Program

This course will start from basic concepts of patent and will train candidates on patent searching and analysis. In depth understanding of patent software Google Patents, USPTO, Espacenet, Delphion, Thomson Innovation, Questal etc. is included in the program. After the successful completion of program IIPTA will provide you certificate of completion of Patent Analyst Training Program.


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Candidates who are pursuing or completed graduation or post graduation in area of science or law are eligible to apply for the program. Candidates with Bachelor of science (B.Sc) / Masters of science (M.Sc)/ Bachelor of Pharmacy ( B.Pharma)/ Masters of Pharmacy ( M.Pharma)/ Bachelor of technology (B.Tech)/ Masters of technology ( MTech)/ Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)/ Bachelor of Law (LLB)/ Masters of Law (LLM) are eligible to apply for the program.

Working Professionals are also eligible to apply. Candidates from industrial domains like biotechnology, pharmacy, microbiology, bio-informatics, life-sciences, electronics, computer science, information technology, mechanical, IT, etc. are eligible for this program. Candidates from various areas of law – corporate law, international law, commercial law, trade and finance law etc. are eligible.