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The term “patent” continues to be the most well-known term among businesses and technology professionals that are searching over the internet for more information and guidance. Possibly, every business is influenced by patents-related news and influenced by the idea of owning intellectual property rights for inventions.

A patent is a legal right that grants the owner exclusive use of an idea or invention for a set period of time. Government agencies, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or regional agencies, such as the European Patent Office, frequently grant patents. They are used to prevent inventions from being duplicated in other countries, as well as to safeguard against future competition from comparable products.

Patent attorneys are skilled in patent writing and have understanding of intellectual property law. They guide individual inventors or firms through the process of obtaining a patent and subsequently work to enforce inventors’ rights if patents are violated.

How Does It Work?

A patent analyst is responsible for handling patentability, validity, freedom-to-operate, and infringement searches. This research includes studying technological trends, providing competitive information, and determining research and licensing prospects.

We have mainly developed this course as we’re on a mission to make people aware. Because well-educated people are forced to do minimum-wage jobs due to the adverse recession and lack of awareness, we want people to live up to their potential and help society with their skillset in a better way.

This course will help you achieve your desired salary and, with the immense job opportunities, you can work under different job descriptions. We’ve already helped thousands of students successfully turn their careers around without changing their field of study and helped them achieve their true potential. Now it’s your choice to have all the tools and resources so you can be the best version of yourself.

Practical Leaning

Learn To Work With India, Us And Eu Patent Offices

  • E-Filing Patents at IPO

  • US Patent Docketing 

  • Pct Filing

  • International TM Filing

  • European Patent Filing 

  • US Trademark Forms

  • Brand Intelligence Reports

  • Patentability Opinions

  • Patent/TM Searching 

  • Coordination with National and International IP Offices

  • Replying to Patent / Trademark Objections

  • E-Filing Patents at IPO

What You Will Get Inside

  • Set of 5 books are sent to your registered address anywhere in Mumbai.
  • Lifetime Access to our portal
  • Online Live Class for Mumbai students.
  • Study with flowchart method which is easy to understand.
  • Get quality education right at your doorstep within Mumbai.
  • Attend Online Guest Lectures for Industry
  • Practice Interview Tests and Questions
  • Mock Interviews
  • 5 Exclusive Bonuses
  • Track your Progress

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“Indian Institute Of Patent and Trademark is an organization that provide Job Oriented programs for Science, Law and Engineering graduates who want to pursue their career in intellectual property. IIPTA is now in your hometown of Chandigarh to encourage students and support our Indian industries.

IIPTA has conducted various workshops all over India, online and in classroom on intellectual property courses that help their students to become specialized in patent law, patent drafting, trademark law, copyright protection, IP finance, music law, fashion law etc.

Our efforts in creating awareness about IP is also recognized by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

IIPTA is awarded by various national and international organizations. Our efforts in creating awareness about IP, have been recognized by FICCI, CII, IIT Delhi and many renowned universities.