General Program on Intellectual Property(IP 101)

General Program on Intellectual Property(IP 101)


This Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP101) aims to provide participants with in depth understanding of intellectual property. It helps understanding of concepts of trademarks, patents, copyrights, geographical indications and designs. This program is important if you want to uptake any higher education in IP field.

At end of every module, there is interesting quiz. Quizzes are self-evaluating. They can be done online and help participants understand the concept better.

Content and Structure:

IP 101 includes 20 modules. Each module is designed for sequential understanding of concepts of intellectual property.

Module 1 : Introduction to Intellectual Property

Module 2: Importance of Intellectual Property

Module 3 : History and Development of Intellectual Property Law and Treaties

Module 4 : Trademarks

Module 5 : Role of Trademarks in Branding

Module 6: Patents

Module 7: How businesses monetize patents?

Module 8: Copyright

Module 9 : Related Rights

Module 10 : Geographical Indications

Module 12 : Industrial Designs

Module 13:  Protection of New Plant Varieties

Module 14:  Semiconductor Designs

Module 15: Unfair Competition

Module 16: Role of IP in Business

Module 17: Role of IP in driving economic Development

Module 18: Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Module 19: Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property

Module 20 : Case Study

Final Exam:

Each module has self-assessment quiz in the end.  There is multiple choice end examination. End examination is of 60 minutes. After answering all questions in allocated time, participants can submit the exam online. Participants who pass IP 101 will be sent certificate at their registered address.

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