About Sagacious IP

Sagacious IP provides optimized IP research solutions conducted by experienced and trained techno-legal team that consists of scientists, engineers & patent agents. Sagacious IP helps law firms, corporates, inventors, researchers, inventors & entrepreneurs take significant & informed Intellectual Property in India on the profile of Patent Analyst.

One morning, she got an e-mail from IIPTA Delhi for the Job oriented Patent Analyst training program. After taking a telephonic counseling from IIPTA she agreed to join the course. But that time she was in Chennai and IIPTA office is in Delhi. After thinking a lot she decided to go Delhi for the course. In evening she told her father “I want to go Delhi for a job oriented course so that I need some money”. As Baviya her father told her that “ You are from non hindi background and you don’t know anyone in Delhi It will be tough for you to survive in Delhi”. As Einstein said ‘Just because a fish cannot climb a tree doesn’t mean it’s not smart. ‘I was never good in hindi but now I love to learn hind ,” Baviya says. She joined the course in IIPTA with very less fee. She joined for JOPATP . Under this program she learnt about intellectual property rights. Every one in IIPTA helped her as she was from non hindi background. Now she is placed in Sagacious IP one of the best Legal Consultant in India on the post of patent analyst and she is performing well at her job. Baviya gives most of the credit of her success to her parents and IIPTA team who always remained very supportive. Her dream is to fulfill her parents expectations. Here’s wishing her all the very best for his future endeavors.