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in November 2018

( we have already started lining up interviews)

Attention Students: Openings for Lifesciences/ Biotechnology

We help life sciences students start their career as Patent Analyst

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Job Openings for life sciences

Job Locations and Salary Compensation

As lifescience student, we can help you in providing training and preparing you for interview of Patent Analyst

After completion of program, we will line up your interview as Patent Analyst and you can start getting high package.

What are the advantages of this program?

  • You will become Certified Patent Analyst.
  • You can start working in technology company.
  • You can start getting package starting from 4.5 lac per anum.
  • You can work with government patent offices around world.
  • You can make international career.

Download Patent Analyst Jobs 2018 and Also Get Free Career Counselling

“Becoming Patent Analyst Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Get High Paying Job, Keep Relevant To Lifescince Field, and Get a CORPORATE Office Job!”