We have reported a report in March of 2016, that Yamaha officially rejected any version that was to be used for MT-10. Our report and grape circulating people said that there was never any chance of having an MT-10 tracer at any time when Yamaha introduced an option touring pack that included windscreens and scales like “a long tracer, Standard-equipped electronic cruise control facility of 10.

Tides and markets are constantly changing

New reports around the net show that a mysterious new trademark has revealed that a Yamaha “tracer GT” is believed to be on the path of global markets . Yamaha has never spoken of “Tracer GT”, so there is a chance that it can be one of two things:
 A more comprehensive travel kit for the existing tracer model with Penner and maybe a long screen.
 This can be just the highly anticipated MT-10 tracer.

Yamaha MT-10 ‘Tracer’ denied

No plans for ‘Tracer’ touring version of the Yamaha MT-10 streetighter. For those of you, you expect that the touring version of the new Yamaha MT-10 gatefire will be disappointed. A reliable source reports that the Japanese manufacturer has denied any plan to create a new version of the Gutterfire, which is based on Yamaha YZF-R1S.
Perhaps the final nail in the coffin to that is the fact that when the Yamaha MT-10 was released in Europe recently, part of its optional accessories packages included a touring pack for added practicality. The pack adds a taller Tracer-like windscreen plus luggages, which should complement the MT-10’s standard-equipped electronic cruise control feature. Rumours of a MT-10 Tracer version began cropping up as soon as the bike debuted, much of which being fuelled by the successes of the smaller Yamaha MT-09 Tracer model that is based on the MT-09 tri-cylinder naked.

MT-10 be getting the Tracer treatment

The newly trademarked Tracer GT could be one of several things. Most likely it will be applied to versions of the existing Tracer models with more extensive touring kit – standard-fit panniers and taller screens, for instance. However, there’s also the chance it might be a reference to a machine that’s notably absent from the current Tracer range. With the MT-09 and MT-07 getting touring derivatives, Yamaha has suggested that the MT-10 doesn’t lend itself to a Tracer version; after all, the MT-10 is derived from the R1, so adding a tall screen and panniers would effectively create an R1 tourer, which might seem a step too far. However, a number of rivals have already enjoyed success in the same market. BMW’s S1000XR, for instance, is outselling both the S1000RR and S1000R in some markets, while Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000 tends to outsell the naked Z1000, and Suzuki’s GSX-S1000F does better than the GSX-S1000 in many regions.
The Japanese company has previously offered a MT-10 Tourer Edition early 2017. The touring MT-10, shown in the photos above and below, featured soft panniers, a pannier frame, touring screen, GPS bracket, hand guards and a comfort seat.


Before testing the market with Toror Edition, it will not be surprising that the MT-10 tracer should be visible. Probably on this year’s EICMA?