When I look at the newspaper full of technical gadgets & new technologies, I just wonder why patent is not a common knowledge. Good news for Engineers is that developed countries like US, UK are outsourcing a lot of work to India. Multi national companies are deprived of human resources, but full of vacancies.

So, today I will give you top 4 reasons why these companies are hiring Engineers from different fields.

Reason #1

Patent Engineer = 90% Engineering skills + 10% Patent skills


  • This is a common myth that patent engineers should know all about patents. But the fact is 90% of your engineering subjects are used in analysis of a patent & only 10% of knowledge about patent will be sufficient to take this fascinating position.
  • If you are worried about rest of the 10%, then, let me tell you they have patent training modules. These modules can help you in learning patents & related stuff.


Ability to take challenges

  • Now, this has become a universal truth that engineers study only a week before their exams. Some are really genius they say 2 days are enough for studies. Still we score 60-70%, quite a challenge.
  • We’ve studied more than 50 subjects in four years. To be more specific 10 subjects and 6 months. Good score again.


New field less technical people

  • US have always been outsourcing several business functions. New trend is of outsourcing patent analysis & searching. This business brings lots of bucks to their country. So, Indian patent firms are looking out for engineers to serve the purpose.
  • Only few people are aware about patents & intellectual property rights. If you are lucky enough to be aware about the field then you should not miss this big shot.
  • I know a guy (Electronics engineer), whose communication skills were below average. He tried his luck in this field & got a package of 216,000 per annum. As I said they less people, higher number of vacancies.


Jugaad is the way how Engineers do it

  • We all know Engineers are famous for managing their work. From college project to end exam notes Engineers manage somehow.
  • This is what these companies are looking out for. They want their work to be completed in a given deadline.
  • Quality is never compromised because engineers know they won’t get marks for that. Similar is the requirement of these companies.
  • A common phrase:

“I will choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”           -Bill Gates

So, by now you must have understood that skills required in this field are similar to your set of skills. Its just we are ignoring this emerging field because others are not doing it.